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Like it or not, sales is changing, and traditional marketing methods are seeing a sharp decline in effectiveness too. We use LinkedIn because it is the most cost-effective B2B lead generation tool on the market. We help our clients realise the full potential of their Linkedin profile, as a marketing & business development powerhouse.

We use a content-first approach to getting leads via LinkedIn because this yields 15x better results than simply doing cold prospecting. 

We focus our business development efforts on engaging with buyer personas who have already engaged with your content.

This warmer approach to connection requests means that instead of getting accepted by 5% of those that you send you get more like 75%!

What else do you get from this package?

  • Custom-made pieces of branded content aimed at attracting your ideal buyer persona to engage with your content
  • Curated content posts (utilising social listening tools & industry-relevant insights)
  • Personalised connection requests (with an acceptance rate of up to 75%)
  • A full profile audit & makeover (if required)
  • On-going support with content marketing 
  • A personalised weekly dashboard showing campaign successes

Our clients are booking 5-10 qualified meetings a month on this package.

We have a package for whatever your business needs. Not sure which is right for you? Let’s have a chat.

Our fully-managed lead gen only campaigns give your brand a real edge over your competitors.

What You Can Expect

  • Personalised connection requests
  • Email addresses of prospects
  • Mobile phone numbers of prospects
  • Tailor-made marketing message sequences
  • Follow-up message copy-writing
  • A full profile review & optimisation
  • LinkedIn profile SEO
  • Ideal audience prospect list building (Sales Navigator)
  • Business page setup

Our clients are booking 3-7 qualified meetings a month on this package.

We don't just manage LinkedIn, we can optimise your social media content on any platform, whilst launching campaigns that actively increase and engage real followers.

We will ensure:

  • That your Social Media strategies are aligned with your wider business goals
  • That you're not just building numbers for the sake of numbers. 
  • That you takeaway practical tips on how to boost your activity
  • That you're provided all the statistics and information in a clear, engaging and visually appealing manner, banishing all jargon.
  • That you have a follow-up call to explain the audit documentation in more detail 

Do you need new business opportunities for your organisation through the improved use and better understanding of LinkedIn?

We can teach you how to;

  • Generate a consistent pipeline of new business opportunities
  • Establish a formal process for use of LinkedIn within your business
  • Integrate LinkedIn into your existing business/marketing strategy
  • Ensure all key staff understand the importance of maintaining a professional profile and have a continuous presence on LinkedIn
  • Have a process in place to turn LinkedIn into your most valuable business development asset
  • Develop an attractive profile that gets you found for what you do
  • Determine an ongoing plan to keep you ahead of the game


We strongly believe that there’s no merit in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to LinkedIn, content marketing or any other digital channel for that matter...

We get to truly understand your business and we keep our LinkedIn methods innovative. We always try to anticipate the intent of your customers/buyer-personas so that your offering to them is suited to match their individual pain points.

Unlike our competitors we don’t use mass-market software, we simply use good old fashioned elbow grease.


The most effective marketing method is always manual, but that takes time, and that’s exactly what we do for you, save you time.

We achieve fast and consistent growth for our clients because of our ability to make custom-made content. We drive extremely profitable customer actions because of our meaningful and value-driven content-first approach.

We also create highly-targeted campaigns that only use warm data-sets from people that have already engaged in your custom-made content or posts.

We aren't just experts in LinkedIn or Social Media marketing, we actually build websites, full marketing funnels, we run ad campaigns for clients too...


Client Testimonials

I've just recently started working with Seed to Branch, but they have impressed me in a very short space of time. They don't over-promise and they get seriously amazing results. The team have a rare blend of analytical and strategic minds and are talented at content marketing. They've also been super helpful to me as I start a new role by supplementing our small team and getting on with things very quickly, efficiently and - perhaps best of all - with a sense of humour!

Emily Tippins - Global Marketing Director for 

Chris, who leads our campaign from Seed to Branch, is a highly intelligent and fully engaged Marketing leader who is well regarded and valued in the wider Marketing community so it was incredible to have him help us with our LinkedIn marketing activities.

Chris is fully dedicated to helping my businesses achieve our growth ambitions and excels in doing so.

I highly recommend Seed to Branch and all of their services.

Audrey Anderson, Managing Director - AIREN Constructions PVT LTD

Seed to Branch have transformed our LinkedIn approach and now it is (by far) our best marketing & lead generation channel!

After visiting our office to pitch for our marketing budget it became evident to me that Chris is a true Marketing strategist and leader.

I can not recommend Chris or his team at Seed to Branch enough.

They've literally transformed the way we do Social Media, forever...

Lisa Cox - Head of OneLife Suffolk Services (MoreLife UK group)


A specialist LinkedIn focused digital agency ...

  • Customised creative, curated content, audits, digital landscaping, social media management, social selling, training, consultancy & more...
  • We'll help you to be seen by your perfect prospects, educate them on your proposition (or products) and convert them from a prospect into a paying customer - it's really that simple.




We created a game whereby our audience must guess which movie our minimalist poster designs reporesent.

This quiz generated us 100s of new leads and in total reached over 2 million impressions on LinkedIn.


We are LinkedIn experts, and because we post there a lot, we put together this list of the 10 things you can do to improve your LinkedIn post reach.

Here are 10 tips to improve your

organic reach on LinkedIn 


This infographic outlines 7 steps to consider when creating a blog to ensure that it's a profitable venture for your site! 

How to create a profitable blog 7 steps to success




We put together this quiz to test the knowledge of specific marketers to see if they could identify all of the brands shown without the colours in their logos.




We believe in an engagement-first strategy when it comes to better business development. So we build games, quizzes, listicles & other pieces of content for our clients to capture more attention and engagement from their prospects.


Here is the second installment of the minimal movie poster quiz. After the first quiz went viral on LinkedIn, we were asked to make another, and here it is!

Download our viral minimal

movie poster quiz (part 2)


This eBook is for anyone that currently has an eCommerce site that is looking to add content to the site in order to attract and retain more customers.

eCommerce site 

How to massively increase your LinkedIn organic reach (without using pods)


Need more B2B leads?
LinkedIn is thriving and if you're not using it properly, you're almost certainly missing out! 
This deck will help you grow your network!