When a tree falls in the woods (and no one is around to hear it) - does it make a sound?

This is an age-old question... but consider this...

If you create remarkable content (and nobody is there to see it) - will it still make an impact?

Well, we don’t think so...

That's why we specialise in the outreach of content as well as the creation of it.

By providing true value to a targeted online publication, your content will reach the right audience (via a destination they already love).

Our approach to storytelling starts with a conversation;

  • Are you publishing content worth shouting about?
  • Is there any company news people should hear about?
  • Have you ever thought about becoming a thought-leader?
  • Is your brand open to creative campaigns that will inspire coverage?

It really doesn't matter how we work with you on your digital PR, we can craft a story by adapting our distribution strategy to your KPIs.

Just some of the benefits of a well-crafted outreach plan are;

An increase in traffic,

An increase in brand awareness,

More social media mentions,

Authoritative & relevant backlinks

We create brand content that resonates with a highly targeted audience of value.

We're extremely passionate about creating positive brand experiences, which is why we put high-quality content at the core of every project we do.

Outstanding Media placements are reserved for brands that go that extra mile with their content (especially these days) and we can help your brand.

We take a data-informed, content-marketing-first approach to delivering digital marketing success stories.

Content can be created by anyone, but when it is being crafted for multiple devices & platforms, and on behalf of different audiences, you really need an expert.

Our Content Creation Services:

Features, Articles, Infographics, Video, Video Storyboarding, Interactive Content, Google 'Answer Box' Content, Surveys, Interviews, Question Scripting, Content Proofing, How To Guides, Human Stories, White-paper Creation, eBook creation, Website content creation

Our experienced journalists work with the strategy team to source statistics and research to inform our work, script questions for surveys and identify stand-out headlines from the results. We can plan, shoot and edit video content, giving additional substance and multi-dimensional elements to the final product. We also write how-to guides, copy to capture Google’s featured snippets, white papers, and even one or two infographics where we know they’ll resonate.

We deliver the full works. Whatever the challenge is, there is someone within our team who has the experience and knowledge to create content to engage the audience. We are capable of producing everything from journalistic-quality features and articles to award-winning interactive experiences and data visualisation feasts.

We showcase your expertise, develop your brand proposition and engage your audience (online).

We create content that earns your site links, coverage and recognition - which ultimately boosts your sites overall authority, traffic and sales.

We ensure that your website best represents every one of your products (or services)

Content marketing is not only one of the most powerful and direct route to bringing in new customers in, but it also keeps your already existing customers coming back for more…

We expose your brand to a highly-targeted and relevant audience.

We create content that is naturally shareable and creates a buzz around your brand, but we also create digital PR strategies to target highly relevant websites, influencers, and the wider online communities to spread your content too.

The huge advantage of digital PR is that you’re able to quantify the results and track what works and what doesn’t, this can't be said for all digital marketing disciplines.

We help you to widen your audience, drive traffic and boost your overall backlink profile.

Our digital PR agency services include in-depth reporting that analyses the success of the campaign, in particular looking at the quantity and quality of links earned, number of brand mentions, social media performance and any impact on organic visibility.

Our Digital PR offering is the combination of press release distribution (and opportunity sourcing) through online channels that result in increased awareness of your brand.

For SEO in particular, we improve the domain authority of your website by earning your site highly relevant and authoritative links.

Whilst ‘link-building for the SEO benefits' has somewhat of a negative connotation surrounding it these days, the value of true thought-leadership pieces with highly relevant, authoritative links is undisputably one of the best ways to increase your

Savvy marketers are investing in digital PR campaigns that add real value to their business.

Links are one aspect of it, but digital PR is about promoting your brand in the places that your audience is already active online.

We Increase your brand awareness and position your company as a thought leader within your industry.

PR is (and always has been) a hugely valuable asset to any business.

Whether you’re just starting out. or you have been an established company for many many years, positioning your brand (and your people) as thought-leaders will ultimately reap rewards.

Digital PR is the combination of press release distribution (and opportunity sourcing) through online channels that result in increased awareness of your brand and, importantly for SEO in particular, an improved domain authority for your website.

Every PR plan we put together considers not just of PR, but all other channels in the 'paid, earned and owned’ model too.

We strongly believe in the power of relationships and communication to solve business challenges.

Quality eyeballs (a core audience) matter the most – and we understand where they are and how to find them

We make sure we bring in our journalists and media contacts as early as possible in the planning process to guarantee success.

Digital PR Services

Your digital PR strategy comes from the end goals you want to achieve. Depending on who you’re trying to target, what stories you want to tell and what types of websites and publications you’d like to be featured in, we’ll set the strategy that’s right for you. Often, our clients have multiple goals for their PR so their strategies incorporate one or more of the following:


Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is all about extending the reach of your brand by having your content featured on the website of an influencer (or relevant thought leader) in your industry.

As individuals we've developed and maintained relationships with 1000's of relevant bloggers over a wide range of different industries and disciplines over the years.

We monitor every blogger's activities to ensure that we are only positioning our clients with the very best.

We place a high value on our own content, so naturally, we would expect nothing less from a blogger partnership.

We profile every single blogger's audience to ensure it's authenticity as we are well aware of follower fraud going on in the industry (especially via Instagram).

It’s a great inbound marketing strategy, and it can also boost your organic search (SEO) visibility when bloggers with trusted and established sites link back to your site.

Expose your brand to a highly targeted audience.

Blogger outreach can be extremely effective at exposing your brand to a pre-existing and highly relevant readership.

If your content appears on blogs that are read by your target customers, and offers them something new and interesting, the brand awareness potential is huge.

Trust and loyalty among a blogger’s readership are often at a much higher level than for corporate blogs: and a huge number of consumers turn to them when considering a purchase. Research has shown that blogs are the third most influential resource when it comes to shaping buying decisions (behind retail and brand sites).

Why choose our blogger outreach services?

At Click Consult, we find that the key is to ensure that the goals of the bloggers we work with are aligned with those of our clients’ – it’s important to identify influencers with whom we feel you can develop a mutually beneficial relationship. We always work with the dual objectives of maximising your brand’s exposure and adhering to the blogger’s content needs in order to foster a natural and authentic linking and sharing pattern.

We invest time in developing and maintaining relationships with a diverse range of influential bloggers to approach to feature bespoke content on behalf of your brand. For us, successful outreach is an ongoing process, not a one-off transaction.

What’s the key to our success with blogger outreach?

We endeavour to make your brand part of a blogger’s community. Every blogger with a significant following knows their audience well and what resonates with them. They’ve build up trust, reputation and created their community by producing interesting, relevant and timely content that readers care about. A blogger’s drive is passion for their subject, and this is why consumers turn to them when considering a purchase.

Our unique relationships with these influencers allows us to work with them to develop posts that help to tell your brand’s story, while satisfying the needs of their audience, retaining authenticity, and create a fantastic user experience of your brand

This exchange of content helps to strengthen your website’s organic search (SEO) profile by creating strong, natural backlinks, which signals to Google that your website has trust and authority.

Digital PR

Driving authority and trust via high quality links and brand mentions online

Interactive asset design and development

Driving links, traffic and engagement through creative visual and interactive assets

Social media

Optimising your social media content whilst launching campaigns that actively increase and engage real followers.


Building authority and answering user intent with on-site content

Creative content ideation

Understanding your audience for effective creative content ideation

Video content

Content is no longer just limited to written forms. Video content production to drive engagement.

Influencer marketing

Building a brand and reaching new audiences through influencer marketing as part of your search strategy

Content marketing training

We’re that good at what we love to do, we like to teach others. See how our training courses could help you…

Social Media Outreach

Regional Media Placements

Content Creation Advice

Niche Media Placements

Press Release Creation

Digital PR Strategy

Media Relations

Influencer Marketing

International PR


If yours is a business which serves a local audience or is simply looking to improve its local profile, we can help. With our range of local journalist contacts and access to a number of local publications and websites, we'll help you raise brand awareness in the places that matter to you.


If your business serves a national audience, or if you're simply looking to grow your national presence, PR is a great tool to help you achieve your goal. Our clients have been featured in national press including The Telegraph, The Times and The Guardian as well as national online-only publications


Your goal might be to develop awareness of your brand within your industry and there is a wide range of industry/trade press out there. We're experienced across a variety of sectors and can help you get your stories out through trade specific websites and publications.


Not all of our clients know what they're trying to achieve through digital PR, but that's no problem. Our experienced PR team will help you to identify the stories within your business, both in terms of what's happening now and the core topics and themes that are important to you, to guide your PR strategy.

Amazing things can happen when you work with an agency that is both technically and creatively minded.

Improving your visibility via search engines (like Google and Bing), can have a huge impact on your businesses’ bottom line.

Being organically discoverable, is ultimately the best way to make your brand scaleable, and ultimately more profitable.

Ranking via Search Engines is an essential marketing channel for any business wanting to reach a large online audience without paying for the privilege via advertising.

All good marketers understand the power of Search Engine Marketing, but not all have the resource, experience or time to keep on top of this constantly evolving discipline.

It doesn't matter whether your company is seeking local recognition, targeting a national audience or even building a brand internationally - we can help you!

A successful Search Engine Marketing strategy should be built in-line with your business growth goals.

We produce a wide range of different Search campaigns on behalf of our clients;

Healthcare brands,

Financial Services firms,

Transportation / Automotive brands,

Technology brands,

Genereal business products and services brands,

General consumer product and service brands.


Taking a content-led approach to delivering SEO success stories...

  • We drive high growth, measurable results for our clients by combining
  • Technical SEO expertise, creative content campaigns and digital PR alongside managing successful PPC campaigns.
  • We'll help you to be seen by your perfect customer, educate them and take the sale. Simple.




We created a game whereby our audience must guess which movie our minimalist poster designs reporesent.

This quiz generated us 100s of new leads and in total reached over 2 million impressions on LinkedIn.


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We believe in an engagement-first strategy when it comes to better business development. So we build games, quizzes, listicles & other pieces of content for our clients to capture more attention and engagement from their prospects.


Here is the second installment of the minimal movie poster quiz. After the first quiz went viral on LinkedIn, we were asked to make another, and here it is!

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