Incredible things can happen when you work with an agency that is both technically and creatively minded...

Improving your visibility via search engines (like Google and Bing), can have a huge impact on your businesses’ bottom line.

Being organically discoverable is ultimately the best way to make your brand scaleable, and ultimately more profitable.

Ranking via Search Engines is an essential marketing channel for any business wanting to reach a large online audience without paying for the privilege via advertising.

All good marketers understand the power of Search Engine Marketing, but not all have the resource, experience or time to keep on top of this constantly evolving discipline.

It doesn't matter whether your company is seeking local recognition, targeting a national audience or even building a brand internationally - we can help you!

CA successful Search Engine Marketing strategy should be built in-line with your business growth goals.

We produce a wide range of different Search Campaigns on behalf of our clients:

eCommerce SEO

For businesses that sell products online and want to improve their product listings via the search engine results.

Successful eCommerce SEO is all about attracting new (and profitable) traffic to your site, with the ultimate goal of converting that traffic into customers and sales.

What will you get?

  • Improved product rankings in the search results
  • Enhanced search listings for your products
  • More traffic to your website
  • More sales from your online store

How do we do it?

Technical Audits - We review everything on website from a best practice technical perspective. We assess exactly how easy it is for your website to be indexed by Google and pull out any technical issues discovered such as duplicated content (a very common issue with eCommerce websites). We ensure that indexing and ranking opportunities are all appropriately recognised.

Product Optimisation - We review all of the copy on your sales product pages, looking specifically at the keyword targeting and CTA's (call to actions) used and how we can improve these to improve rankings and drive customer conversions. We also look at your use of tools, such as the schema markup and we do this to improve the way that your products are understood and represented by various Search Engines like Google & Bing.

Category page optimisation - By improving your Category page content you will improve the overall user experience on your website. By grouping products into specific themes, you will make them easier to browse. Categories have a strong SEO value, enabling your site to rank for themed search terms as well as specific products will massively increase your search traffic.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) - SEO is the primary focus on driving new traffic to your website, but your existing traffic should not be ignored! We provide eCommerce websites with repeat sales opportunities, upselling can add a great deal of value and profit to your sites bottom line.

We will assess your websites entire sales funnel to identify the points that people drop off, or where there is an opportunity to sell more products. We will also run split tests on areas of your website using Google Experiments, this will help us to find the best possible solution for your customers.

SEO audit(s)

If your website isn’t relevant enough to a search query – or more specifically, if Google or Bing doesn’t recognise it as being relevant enough – you site simply won’t rank.

A fantastic way to understand the scope of where the opportunities are, both on your website and within your industry is by conducting an audit.

An audit will reveal why your website doesn’t work well (or deliver a positive user experience), and why Google will be reluctant to include it in it's search results.

Our technical team is exceptionally gifted at performing audits.

Our audits (unlike most) are entirely bespoke, so the scope (and the cost) of this process depend very much on the size of your website and the business goals you’re trying to achieve.

We document all of the findings from our audits, detailing all the issues to our clients – big or small – for complete transparency.

What will you get?

We will give you an overview of how well your current marketing activities reflect best practices, and where ‘quick wins’ (or low hanging fruit) and longer-term gains can be found.

  • Google Analytics traffic review
  • Content Mapping
  • Google Search Console data review
  • Technical SEO review
  • On-page content review
  • Off-page link profile review
  • Penalty risk
  • Technical website audit
  • Industry and competitor SEO activity
  • Link building appraisal and back link audit
  • Local SEO performance
  • Content appraisal and gap analysis
  • The impact and effectiveness of content marketing
  • Implications of Schema and rich snippets in your market

Our audits will show you how you can generate more sales and traffic to your website through search engines, no matter what industry you're in.

New website SEO plans

If you're currently investing in a new website, it's vitally important to ensure it's built to succeed via search results (and not just look aesthetically pleasing).

The way that your website is structured, and the methods used to build the page, can have a huge impact on how well your website ranks.

Getting a new website is an important step for any business looking to succeed online, whether it’s your very first site, or a refresh of your already existing online presence.

Building a new site is a big project that requires a large investment, both in terms of your time and your money, so you will want to ensure that you’re getting as much out of your investment money as possible.

How do we do it?

Existing website audit - We'll review your already existing website, if you have one, to demonstrate what works well now and what should, therefore, be retained for the future site.

Content redirection mapping - We'll conduct a full crawl of your current site and create a full map of 301 redirect files to ensure you don't end up with missing pages (404 errors). We'll ensure that you keep the current SEO value of the pages which are moving.

New website navigation structure - We'll advise on the optimal positioning of your new website's pages (and content) from a best practice SEO perspective. This will help you to boost your important content upwards in the search results of Search Engines.

Keyword research - As part of the navigation structure, we'll conduct keyword research to identify the topics that each of your pages should be focusing on. This will identify which search queries each page should be aiming to rank for.

General keyword research

We provide incredibly detailed keyword research reports for our clients so that their brand can stay ahead of the curve.

Our keyword research provides the backbone of all of our Search Engine Marketing campaigns and it's one of the most important things to get right to see impressive results.

Our research will provide your team (and ours) with invaluable insights into marketing trends surrounding your audience, and what they’re searching for.

We help you to engage your audience by producing content that is highly relevant to them.

How do we do research?

We conduct keyword research to identify the topics each of your onsite pages should be focusing on and then we match these topics against search queries in order to boost rankings.

The tools we use to do this research are; Google keyword planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, Keyword Data Visualisation Tool, Answer The Public, Bing Keywords, Keywords Everywhere & the Ahrefs Keyword planning tool.

Whatever your keyword research requirements are, we've got you covered!

Local SEO

If your business is targeting a local audience, you will already know the importance of improving your business’ visibility via local search results.

Predominantly for businesses with a physical location (or customers in a specific area) - the targeting of local audiences can be extremely effective.

Local SEO will ensure that your business begins to rank for specific search terms, ones that incorporate local terms such as ‘bakery Liverpool’ or 'solicitors London'.

Local SEO doesn't just mean improving your rankings for local search terms including the location however, it also means using user-based settings and preferences – also known as personalisations - to target a specific audience.

Searchers no longer have to type in their location in order to see results which are relevant to where they are, so you need to cover all the bases.

How do we do it?

We'll help you identify local link building opportunities to get other local businesses (and authorities) talking about your brand.

We'll find the stories and promote them across local press to help you get the coverage that matters in your local area.

Local citations - we'll help Google see your business name (and address) consistently across reputable directories so that it it begins to know and trust your location better.

Google my Business - Google is an essential part of building your local presence and we'll help you to enable this benefit and put your business on the Google Map.

Local PR - We'll find and write the stories that will promote your brand across local press to help your site secure coverage that matters in your local area.

Mobile SEO

For businesses that already have a mobile audience, or for those that want to optimise their site towards getting more mobile traffic/revenue.

Since 2015, the number of searches on mobile devices officially overtook desktop users.

In April of 2015 Google implemented a 'mobile update' to give mobile search ranking preference to websites that deliver a good experience to mobile users.

If you’re not optimising your website for mobile audiences, you may find your website struggles to rank in the Google search results (and likely Bing and other search engines too), as these Search Engines have a mobile-first indexing policy.

How do we do it?

Mobile friendliness audit - We use Google's own mobile-friendly testing and developer guidelines to assess the mobile-friendliness of your website. We will provide you and your developer team with instructions on how to meet Google's mobile requirements.

Content Review - A LOT of content is not built to be mobile friendly. We will review all of your website's current content, including the text, the imagery, the videos and the graphics you use - to identify the content that is already working, content which could be improved and content that should be repurposed.

Local signalling - If your business serves a local audience, we will implement schema markup changes to position your site in front of local users.

Mobile marketing - From creative content marketing to mobile targeted paid adverts, we will ensure that you are investing in strategies and techniques which take a 'mobile-first' approach.

International SEO

For businesses that want to reach an international audience and grow their brand in new territories.

If your business sells products (or services) outside of the UK, the search visibility of your site in the countries you're looking to target is obviously an important factor to your international success.

Ranking well on search engines in other countries can be very complex, but also very lucrative.

As with all of our SEO services, our International SEO offering is all about showing Google the value and relevance of your website above all others in the country you're looking to target.

We will help your site to produce signals to Search Engines (in the international marketplace you're looking to target) so that it begins to recognise your website when prospect searchers are looking for keywords related to products or services you are able to offer.

In this case, Google isn’t the only search engine to consider.

Whilst Google ultimately retains the majority search-market-share in the UK and the USA, in other countries such as China (Baidu), Russia (Yandex), Korea (Naver) there are other Search Engines to consider. This should be a huge consideration for your business when looking at where to apply your efforts internationally.

How do we do it?

International Audience analysis -

We will gather a true understanding of whom you're trying to talk to, what behaviours they exhibit and how best to appeal to their needs in the international marketplace of your choice.

Competitor Review - Analysing the marketplace both in terms of who else is exporting and local competition to find the right niche for your business.

Website Domain Structure - We will create a clear strategy for where your international content will fit into your existing website structure, this could be through a secondary skin or incorporated into the original site itself.

International Link Building - We will build your brand awareness internationally and improve the perceived authority of your website through off-page promotion on international sites.

If the target country you're going after speaks a different language to English, we are able to call on translation partners.

Technical onsite SEO

Technical considerations are at the foundation of any SEO success.

Achieving technical excellence will reap many rewards via Search Engines.

What tools do we use for technical optimisations ?

We utilise a wide variety of tools to help us achieve a thorough technical edge.

We use Google Search Console data to flag up many issues on a site, but we also use tools like Deepcrawl, Screaming Frog, AHREFS, SEMrush and Moz to diagnose issues with your site too.

We've mastered the use of a huge number of tools over the years, and so we can be agile with the tools we use so that they deliver truly exceptional technical work for our clients every time.

Our SEO team will analyse your website and highlight any technical issues that you are experiencing that may be negatively impacting your ability to rank on page 1 of the SERPS such as Google.

We've worked with a wide range of site's for Search Engine Marketing, including;

Fashion brands, Retail brands, Hospitality brands,  Jewellery brands, Heating & Spare part manufacturers, Garden / Furniture brand brands, Gifting brands, Real Estate agencies, Healthcare brands, Financial Services firms, Transportation / Automotive brands, Technology brands, General business products and services brands, General consumer product and service brands.


A specialist creative and SEO focused agency ...

  • Technical SEO audits, creative content analysis, Digital PR opportunity landscaping, Social Media Management.
  • We'll help you to be seen by your perfect prospects, educate them on your proposition (or products) and convert them from a prospect into a paying customer - it's really that simple.


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