Timpson’s act of corporate social responsibility is still going viral 4 years after the launch!

One of my favourite New Year campaigns by any UK high street chain is this campaign by Timpsons in 2015.

The brand, which also offers key-cutting and shoe repair services, put up signs outside it’s stores in 2015 to say:

“If you are unemployed and need an outfit cleaned for an interview, we will clean it for free.”

The only stipulation (in order to claim this offer) is that you bring some evidence of your upcoming interview to the shop with you.

According to the BBC, this offer was used by 100’s of people in 2015 alone and by now (in 2019), this offer will have been enjoyed by literally thousands of people across the UK.

Source of picture: I was initially sent this photo on Twitter when the CEO James Timpson unveiled the idea without much initial coverage.

I initially re-posted about this brilliant PR idea on my Facebook profile (back in 2015), but since then, I’ve reposted it on my LinkedIn profile where it has received a LOT more attention (over 1,000 re-shares and over 600k views).

This fantastic gesture of corporate social responsibility was initially picked up by mainstream media outlets such as the Mirror, the Evening Standard and the Metro but since then it has reached nearly every mainstream news outlet in the UK… and deservedly so!

The Social Media thread that spawned from the re-post of this campaign highlighted many other positive qualities of both Timpsons as a company and the owner John.

Perhaps the best comment on the thread was from;
Adam Chapman-Ballard

“They’re a very altruistic company (and family).

John Timpson, the founder (I was very fortunate to have lunch with him a few years back) and his wife fostered over 90 children and he’s written books about it. Every manager in their store comes through “from the floor” so they can do the tasks and understand the business and pressures. A lot (most?) of their staff are given 2nd chances on coming out from prison and they spend a lot of time working with the prison service, which helps reduce recidivism.

A very admirable company and something to think about next you need your shoes re-heeling or a key cutting – you know where to put your money.”

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